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Planika Lighthouse black




Healthy fire

Planika’s Lighthouse is not just a beautiful patio heater! It ionises the air, killing bacteria, germs and viruses. It’s designed to utilise sterilising fire and short-wave infrared radiance to eliminate airborne pathogens, boosting your health and creating an environment that is kinder to your immune system.

Warm up your night!

If you want to heat your garden quickly and effectively, Lighthouse is the ideal choice for you. Easy to turn on and off, the heater is the best in its class. Its unique construction ensures the even heat distribution, perceptible in a 3m radius. The roof is equipped with a heat deflector, emanating the heat horizontally for the maximum efficiency. The portable design means you can bring this outdoor heater anywhere you want it!

Make your evening last longer

Available in black or white, Lighthouse gives your space a very tempting and stylish look. Displayed in front of a restaurant, hotel or bar, it invites people inside.
Glamorous pebbles make an attractive and decorative future, not only when lit. The see-through glass panels ensure the 360’ flame visibility. It comes with a 5 year rustproof casing warranty.

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